Antoinette's Closet

Dressing the Queen: Clothing of the 18th Century


Stars Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, and was filmed on location at Versailles.  The costumes are designed by Milena Canonero, who also designed the costumes for "Affair of the Necklace" and "Barry Lindon".  To see more of her work see the webpage

Beautiful costumes was the one thing that all the reviews agreed on.  The movie met with mixed reviews, but the costumes are undeniably gorgeous.  If you watch the movie carefully, you will notice that Milena has reused some of her costumes from previous movies, such as the red dress from "The Affair of the Necklace" worn here by Madame Du Barry!! 

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The Costumes

Marie Antoinette

White & Pink



    Grey Austrian               Cream Austrian                 Blue Tricorn   



    Wedding Dress                 Pink Bows                Pink Dinner Gown


The Dressing Ceremony

There were so many beautiful dresses in these sequences of the movie, I thought they deserved their own gallery.



Garden Gown                Hunting Habit



    Peach Gown         Strawberry Gown     Sherbert Gown  



Balcony Dress                Yellow Dress                Pale Blue Hat



      Hot Pink            Pink Robe         Ermine Collar



Pink Vogue             Peach Stripe              Pale Blue



       Pink Opera          Letter Dress         Pink & Yellow



 Peach Robe              Blue & Silver            Blue Corset 



Masquerade Gown      Pink & Green Robe     Coronation Gown



Fireworks Gown     Birthday Dress     Blue Hangover



    Yellow Garden        Piano Gown       Rosebud Dress      



  White Trianon          Serenade Gown          Blue Stripe


The Trianon Gowns



Milkmaid       Wreathe Dress        Pale Green



          Red Belt                    Striped Gown              Mourning Gowns



Mauve Gown



Turquoise Gown      Balcony Robe      Various Gowns 



Undergarments & Shoes             Jewelry             


   Madame Du Barry



       Extras                  Sketches    




Marie Antoinette marks the third 18th century style movie that costume designer Milena Canonero has done.  The first being "Barry Lyndon", the second was "Affair of the Necklace."  Costumes from both of these movies make appearances in her latest movie "Marie Antoinette."  These are all I have caught so far, but if anyone sees more let me know.

Click on the pictures below to see more of each dress.


The Red Dress

First seen on Jeanne de la Monte in "Affair", is now seen briefly being worn by Madame du barry in "Marie Antoinette". 



The Birdcage

First seen on Marie Antoinette in "Affair", it reappears on Polignac during the fireworks scene in "Marie Antoinette."



The Satin & Straw Hat

First seen in "Barry Lyndon" reappears on Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette